About LidoBand™

Lidoband, a novel lidocaine-impregnated elastrator developed for livestock production, aims to address the pain and discomfort associated with band castration by delivering lidocaine quickly. By utilizing advanced technology, Lidoband provides lasting lidocaine effects for the duration of the procedure, which offers enhanced comfort to the animals during the process.

Castration With an Innovative Band That Is Focused On Animal Welfare

Castration is among the most common management procedures performed in the dairy, beef cattle and sheep industries and is mainly performed by surgery or elastic banding. Castration by banding is simple, bloodless, inexpensive, produces fewer complications and can be performed in a high-throughput manner.

Social and ethical concerns demand better agricultural practices and improved welfare for food animals.

Castration and improved animal welfare has potential economic benefits for producers, such as increased average daily weight gain.

The Lidoband Difference

The Lidoband contains 80 mg of lidocaine and a skin permeation enhancer, allowing the anaesthetic to seep from the band into the tissue.

The use of Lidoband delivers lidocaine into scrotal tissues as fast as 2 hours and for up to 42 days. This approach avoids surgery or the administration of injections, which would also decrease the time and handling costs for the producer.


  • Castration of calves up to 250 pounds and lambs up to 50 pounds
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Delivery of local anesthesia during castration
  • Lidoband delivers local anesthesia from 2 hours up to 42 days post-application
  • No injections to be performed when using Lidoband
  • Increased Average Daily Gain (ADG)
  • Comes in an easy-to-use blister to avoid touching the band
  • Bloodless castration
  • Prevent tail, scrotal and navel wound fly strike
  • No injections to be performed

How it works

How it works How it works