Where to buy Lidoband ?

You can obtain our product through our list of distributors. Visit the Contact section of our website for more information.

What age of the animal (lamb/calf) can this be used on?

Lidoband can generally be used on animals (lambs/calves) from day 1 of birth up to 3 weeks old. However, it is important to follow the specific weight indications mentioned on the packaging for proper usage.

What equipment is needed?

To use Lidoband, you will need an elastrator applicator, gloves, and chemical safety goggles. It is important not to touch the band with bare fingers. Remember to wear gloves when applying the Lidoband. Additionally, use a commercial band applicator (not included) to apply the Lidoband. Any unused bands should be poured back into the jar.

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is needed?

It is crucial to always wear protective gloves while handling the Lidoband in order not get in touch with the active ingredient. If skin comes in contact with Lidoband, wash the affected area immediately with soap and water.

What weight can this be used up to?

The Lidoband can be used on calves up to 250 pounds and lambs up to 50 pounds.

What happens if the Lidoband falls off?

In the event that the Lidoband becomes dislodged, we suggest replacing it with a new band. However, it is important to note that the band is unlikely to fall off unless it has been broken due to excessive strain caused by the applicator device.

Is Lidoband a unique product?

Yes, in fact it's patented in the USA (U.S. Patent #: 11,596,510)

What is the FDA regulatory status for Lidoband?

Lidoband is a veterinary medical device impregnated with lidocaine. FDA does not require an approval process for veterinary medical devices.

What is the partnership with 4-H Council about?

As a testament to their dedication to America’s youth, Solvet will donate 5 cents from each lidoband sold to the National 4-H Council. This contribution aims to support the valuable work of 4-H, a program that empowers young people with enduring life skills, to grow the next generation of innovative leaders.

Is Lidoband approved for use in organic herds?

Lidocaine, the anesthetic component of Lidoband, is documented on the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances as approved for use in organic livestock herds as a local anesthetic.