Lidoband Application Process

This video showcases the application process step by step and highlights how Lidoband is redefining comfort and well-being for livestock.

Length: 1:54 seconds

Tutorial by Dr Olson

Learn from renowned veterinarian Dr. Olson as he walks you through the process of applying the Lidoband castration band. Elevate your livestock care with precise techniques and expert insights.

Length: 1:42 seconds

DocTalk Ep 593 Castration

We're talking about something we do every day in the beef industry, and that's castrate calves. We'll talk about when we do it, why we do it and some new technology that's on the market to help us do it better.

Length: 26:01 seconds

Opportunity to Address Pain and Discomfort

Opportunity to Address Pain and Discomfort During Castration and Tail Docking in Sheep [US Version]

Length: 04:01 seconds